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Sukoon - Neuropsychiatry & Deaddication Clinic

Psychiatric illnesses

Mental disorders account for nearly 12% of the global burden of disease. The burden of mental disorders is maximal in young adults, who make up the most productive section of the population. Depression alone is one among the top five of all medical illnesses. In India as per the existing data 6 -7 person out of 100 suffer from some or the other psychiatric illness. Depression is most common psychiatric illness and occurs in about 20-30 % of population at some point of time.

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Department of psychiatry

what people say


  • The doctor way of understanding patients problem is very good and the environment of clinic is sound less which help to concentrate more.
    Amit Singh
  • An excellent Dr who makes you at ease at the very first meeting ... very approachable and involved in each case . Answers all queries patiently . Besides starts with small medication dosage to see the side effects early and make it easier for the patient.. very understanding and modern in his approach .
    Sumit Das
  • The doctor very patiently listened to me...was very empathetic.gave very few medications and explained well about my problem...overall nice experience.