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It is one of the most dreaded brain disorders that can affect mankind. It is chronic debilitated condition which has its impact not only on patient’s life but also on the people around him especially family members. It is a syndrome (a cluster of symptoms) which results in marked socio occupational and personal dysfunctions.

Main symptoms

  • Positive symptoms: Hallucinations (hearing voices not heard by others), muttering and talking to self, delusions (false and firmly fixed ideas), violent aggressive behavior,
  • Disorganized behavior : Decreased self care, irrelevant talking
  • Negative symptoms : Anhedonia (not able get pleasure in surrounding activities), apathy (loss or decreases emotions) and avolition ( decreased initiation of activities)
  • Cognitive : Loss of concentration, mild impairment in memory , decrease speed, poor problem solving


  • Medications: Antipsychotics are mainstay of treatment and require close follow ups and adjustment of doses to monitor adequate response and minimize side effects.
  • Hospitalization : when patient is not taking medication or in severe cases.
  • Modified elctro convulsive therapy : In treatment resistant and severe cases.